Linda Johnson, Master Photog, CR.,Ohio CPP

What should you know about me?? I grew up in

Colorado, then lived in California before moving

to Ohio. I’m a mother of one daughter, 2 dogs, 3

cats, and one husband! Art and photography is

what I have always done; for fun, for my profession,

and the one thing that will one day, drive me insane!

I don’t photograph subjects, I photograph people and

the way they want to feel in their portraits. I admit

that may seem strange, but it’s honest, and the

best way to describe my approach to my art.

I wrestle with every image I shoot, because I

believe that perfection is possible and I want

to wring it out of every image. If that is all you ever

know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very, very well.


Joe Johnson, Photographic Craftsman, Ohio CPP

What do you need to know about Joe?? Joe joined the studio part time  in 1997 and after Jon had a heart attack and by pass in 1999, decided to go full time. Joe loves useless knowledge. lol. He seems to know something about everything! Joe is our -“Joe of all trades!” He found that he loved photographing sports, and now does 99% of the sports photography at the studio. Joe also loves creating composites and cool digital effects. He helps our clients in every step of the process, so you get to be friends with him. He keeps our computers up and not a day goes by that you don’t here“Joe, can you help me?”, “Joe!” We’d be lost without him.